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salam 2 all 03462602773
Posted by ALI ROCKS From multan [ rocks..03462602773 ]

salam 2 all...
anybody wanna sharing sms with me. . .?

SwEeT. .rOcKs. .0346.2602773..

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i almost gave in
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:24:49 +0600
Posted by SiFi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]

I Almost Gave In
I Almost Lost This Day
Almost Got To Me Into The Air
My Hands Tossed
Almost Walked Away
Almost Cried
Almost Threw Caution Into The Wind
Happiness For Myself I Almost Denied
I Felt A Brush Of Love Againt My Face
Wings Wrapped Around Me In A Warm Embrace
I Heard A Whisper Into My EarÖ.
Dont Giveup, Iím Rite Here

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nothing last forever
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:24:26 +0600
Posted by SiFi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]

-=-Nothing Last Forever-=-

Life Is Just A Game
You Hold Your Own Weight
Make Your Own Mistakes
You Only Get One Chance
To Show Who You Are

Live Day By Day
Year By Year
Your Heart Aches
You Don't Know Who Are You
Falling In Love Hurts
But You Can't Live With Out It

Lay Your Life Down
Give Your Heart Away
Let Yourself Fall So Deep
You Give Up Everything
For ''Trust'' N ''Love''

Nothing Last Forever
Hold On To What You Have
Don't Let Go ...

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youve been given feeling to me all night
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:23:46 +0600
Posted by SiFi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]

Youíve Been Given Feeling To Me All Night
And I Canít Leave Unless You're Leaving With Me Tonight
Now Itís Not Difficult To Tell You're Selecting
And I Think You're Selecting Me
To Lead You - Canít You See?

I Wanna Leave With You Gotta Take You Home
I Can See It Inside My Head
That If I Leave With You And I Get You Home
Youíre Gonne Love What I Do When Iím On Top Of You
When Iím On Top Of You

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that offers harmony
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:22:10 +0600
Posted by SiFi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]

It Is Love
That Gives Me Purpose
To Change And Grow And Learn.
It Is Love That Guides Me On This Path
And Helps Me Choose Each Turn.

It Is Love
That Gives Me Courage
To Stand Against My Fears;
To Open Up My Heart To You,
To Let You See My Tears.

It Is Love
That Gives Me Trust And Hope
When Little Thing Go Wrong.
When Distance Stands Between Us,
It Is Love That Keeps Me Strong.

It Is Love
That Offers Harmony
And A Friendship That Is True.
How Wonderful That I Can Share
A Love Like This With You... ;->

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its a human sign
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:21:37 +0600
Posted by SiFi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]

It's A Human Sign
When Things Go Wrong
When The Scent Of Her Lingers
And Temptation's Strong

Into The Boundary
Of Each Married Man
Sweet Deceit Comes Calling
And Negativity Lands

Cold Cold Heart
Hard Done By You
Some Things Look Better Baby
Just Passing Through

And It's No Sacrifice
Just A Simple Word
It's Two Hearts Living
In Two Separate Worlds
But It's No Sacrifice
No Sacrifice
It's No Sacrifice At All

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old memories
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:21:07 +0600
Posted by SiFi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]


I Treasure Sweet Old Memories
As The Time Goes Swiftly By
A Few Bring Smiles Of Happiness
And Some Tears To The Eye

They All R Precious In Their Way
Reopening The Door Of Old
That Have Been Shut These Many Years
What Pictures They Unfold

These Dear Old, Sweet Old Memories
All Play Their Special Part
In Bringing Joy And Opening Up
The Latch Strings Of The Heart ... (:->

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whn lyf is on d dead end
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:20:41 +0600
Posted by SiFi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]

Whn Dere's No Frend
Whn Lyf Is On D Dead End
Whn World Isn't A Paradise
Whn Ur Confidence Dies
Tell Urself
"Go On, This Is LIFE"

Whn Things Dn't Go Right
Whr Dere's No Ray Of Lite
And Its Too Hard To Survive
Tell Urself
"Go On, This Is LIFE"

Whn Other Dn't Respect U
Whn U R Nt Amongst D Admirable Few
Whn For A Question, U Can't Find A Solution
Whn U R Sure Abt, Is Confusion
Tell Urself
"Go On, This Is LIFE"

Whn Ur Destination Is Miles Apart
Whn U Dn't Knw Whr To Start
Whn All U C Around In Pain
Whn Ur Hardwork Is In Vain
Tell Urself
"Go On, This Is LIFE"

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it takes time to heal
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:19:48 +0600
Posted by SiFi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]

It Takes Time To Heal

Build A Bridge
From Now To Tommorow
Sink D Piers
Deep Into D Earth
Pour In Concrete
Day By Day
A Little A Time
& Let It Set

It Takes Time To Heal

It May Feel Very Awkward
As If You're Making Empty Promises
As If You're Simply Spanning Empty Space

But Someday,Somehow,Somewhere
You'll Find Yourself
Upon A Brand New Shore
Glancing Back At The Bridge
Which You Alone Have Built

It Takes Time To Heal (:

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tough time don last
Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:19:19 +0600
Posted by SiFi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]

~Tough Time Don't Last~

I Said
"Sometimes I Fail"
HE Said
"I'll See You Through"
I Said
"But What If I Fall?"
HE Said
"I'll Carry You"

I Said
"My Fears R Gr8"
HE Said
"Trust Me Alone"
I Said
"But I'm Depressed"
HE Said
"I'll Cheer You On"

I Said
"Life Isn't Easy"
HE Said
"Please, Let Me Help.
Remember, I Love You"
I Said
"GOD, I Accepted" ...

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