Similarity between Dinosaurs a
Posted by ToSi From Peshawar [ 03147077007 ]

Do u know similarity
between Dinosaurs and Decent Girls?
Both don?t exist.

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girls are like phones girls are like phones we like to be held and tal
Is waqt pakistan is waqt pakistan ke 4 baray problems1load shedd
Be a millionare within few mon Repeat these lines at least 2 hours everyday aft
Us nay kaha kon ho Tum Us nay kaha kon ho Tum Main nay kaha Hasrat Tum
Katori utha aur shuru ho ja 1Allaha teri umar lambi karey 2Allaha tujhy na
Businessman explaining the rea Businessman explaining the reason for having 2 wi
Terrorists have kidnap our pre Terrorists have kidnap our president and demand o
Ek din bhagwan sharab peeny Ek din bhagwan sharab peeny zameen per aa giya 5
Teacher Draw A Diagram Teacher Draw A brDiagram Of Bacteria brbrP
Aisa mujhe bajuwali kehti hai I always think about U I cant live without U
Dentists Advice on Dentists Advice on Secret of Good Healthbrb
Doctor suggested full body Xra Sardar said to doctorPore jism main kahin bhi u
Tum milo na milo koi gam nhi Tum milo na milo koi gam nhibrTum paas se guzr
A U r Attractive A U r Attractive B U r the Best C U
kitne nazuk Kitne Nazuk mizaj hain Woh kuch na poochiye
People who do lots of workmake People who do lots of workmake lots of mistakes
Oye Kamaal ki gaadi hai Tea se Sardar What is the name of your car Lady I
Sardar on phone Sardar on phone Doctor my wife is pergnantS
Car sheeshey ke bottle DriverbrCar sheshay ki bottle pr charbrGae u
Manzil kareeb dekh kar Manzil kareeb dekh kar yun mutmaeen na ho FARAZb
Do you love lucky Major RohailbrDo you have affairbrI heard Y
Our son got his brain from me Husband You know wife our son got his brain
The rain makes all things beau The rain makes all things beautiful The grass an
Before and after marriage Before Marriage He yes atlast it was so ha
Quotes of Mind BY SAMI ULLAH QUOTES OF MINDbrbrbr1 Russian Gen
There was once a wife so jealo There was once a wife so jealous that when her hu
Difference bw secretary and pr Q What is the difference bw secretary and priva
If u have 1 father call me If u have 1 father call me If u have 2 fathers
Im the police station now bee Im the police station now been done 4 drink dr
Man 1 I notice dat Man 1 I notice dat Ur brwife is mostly in the
Tumhein Shohar Nahi GirlbrMujhe Ek Aisa Shohar ChahiyebrJo Achi
So feel free 2 call me any tim Talking once with a Genius is equal 2 the Knowle
Plz Is SMS Ko Itna Plz Is SMS Ko ItnabrSend Kro k Meri HonaybrWa
Im a killer Im a killer i kill people for money but you ar
Shadi k 24 ghnte Newly married couplebrbrBubblibrHumari sh
Flowers die Stories end Flowers die Stories end Songs fade Memorie
Mazahiya Shayari Sila Diya Acha Sila Diya Tu Ne Mere Pyaar KabrYaar Ne He
Funnygjhgghjhffgghghh koi dost ho tum jaisa koi chahney wala

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